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Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria Grünwald Buchholz by Salurn on the Dürer's path
Fotogallery “Garden of the statue”

The Excursions

Many are the possibilities for excursions in the surroundings of the restaurant "Grünwald".
Above Buchholz there is Gfrill, which is a typical and unique mountain-village with a wonderful view of the "Brenta-Dolomiten" mountain range.
Other paths lead to the lake known as "Heiligen See" in the Cembra valley, to the "Sauch", and along the Matrutt mountain.
The Trudner Horn natural park is an extraordinary paradise that extends its area on 7000 ha.
It is also the most southern of the seven South-Tyroler natural parks.
A romantic destination is the waterfall of Salurn with its wooden bridge.
The "Garden of the statue" is a must for everybody that comes to Buchholz; 200 statue of brass and marble of the artist Siglinde Tatz Borgogno kept in a beautyful garden.


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