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Hotel Restaurant Pizzeria Grünwald Buchholz by Salurn on the Dürer's path
The Dürer's path

Anciently, until 1852 the Noce river flowed into the main river Etsch by San Michele.
Very often when the river would overflow, it would create two small lakes that extended from San Michele to Laghetti/Laag, closing the all traffic between Bozen and Trento.
In 1494 the artist Albrecht Dürer made his first trip from Germany to Italy, with final destination Venice.
From ancient documents we know that during that period the river overflowed.
After a probable rest at the monastery of St. Florian, he deviated at the main square in Laag up the mountain on the path to Buchholz. After passing the gorge of the "Lankas" brook over the so-called "Roman" bridge, he finally reached the church of St. Ursula in Buchholz. After that, he continued his trip to the "Heiligen See" in the Cembra valley where he coloured his famous aquarelle paintings.
This historical path, today known as "Dürer's path", makes every hiker relive all the exciting and scenic discoveries of that fascinating period.


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